To promote awareness and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in the Quad Cities region. 


To celebrate diversity and self-identity through community events and gatherings where everyone can feel united, included and respected. 

About QC Pride

QC Pride was founded in 2008 and revived in 2017 with its current Board of Directors. Staying true to our mission, our goal is to create a thriving LGBTQ+ community in the Quad Cities. QC Pride plans several events throughout the year, highlighted with the annual Unity Pride Week. 

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Providing health management, coordinated care services and advocacy to those impacted by HIV/STI/AIDS and other related conditions. 

The Project of the Quad Cities envisions a future where HIV/STI/AIDS are no longer stigmatized and everyone living with, affected by or at risk of contracting HIV/STI/AIDS has the support they need to succeed.

The Project of the Quad Cities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community based organization established in 1986 to provide services to those at risk of contracting, affected by, or living with STI/HIV/AIDS. 

TPQC is the only HIV/STI/AIDS service organization in a 60 mile radius of the Quad Cities. We have an offices in Davenport, Iowa and two in Moline, Illinois. We serve approximately 300 clients, many of which live 200% below the poverty level.

TPQC is committed to fight the battle against STI/HIV/AIDS. It is with this mission in mind, and our community’s best interest at heart, that we provide education, prevention services, and assistance to our clients.

We will continue to work diligently to provide education and intervention services to our community, as the rates in TPQC’s service area indicate that HIV is not just a “big city” problem. 

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